Auto technologies

At ACS, we are committed to increasing the safety of your car. With car crime becoming more common, we offer you the best possible protection, regardless of the value of your car. Furthermore, you will also find useful upgrades in our range that will make your driving experience even more enjoyable.


Car and mobile home alarms

Our car & mobile home alarms are designed to strict security standards, with options such as the AL1, AL2 and various anti-carjack systems such as AT2, TT1, TT2, TT3, TT4 and TT5. The AL2 – VV3 security level includes an audible alarm with perimetric and volumetric sensors, which is a perfect complement to an existing anti-theft system.

The special feature of our AT2 alarms is the built-in satellite receiver/transmitter that can determine the exact position of your car in case of theft. This allows the car to be quickly located and even remotely stopped.

Follow-up of the car is done by an authorized alarm center, so you are always informed. As a licensed INCERT installer, we ensure that all of these alarms are professionally installed , fully in compliance with all of the standards set by insurance companies.


In addition to our alarm systems, we also offer dashcams at ACS. These cameras are ideal for collecting evidence in the event of an accident and can also serve as guard dogs for parking damage.

Our experienced technicians ensure that the dashcam is installed discreetly, with no visible cables in your car. The brands you can get with us are Blackvue & Road Eyes, two brands that stand for quality at the right price.

Parrot Bluetooth Carkits

At ACS, we are also specialists in installing Parrot Bluetooth Carkits. Parrot, the leader in Bluetooth hands-free car kits, is known for its user-friendly design that can be beautifully integrated into any type of vehicle.

With a Parrot car kit, you can safely make calls while driving and enjoy your full music library between calls thanks to USB, Aux and iPhone/iPod functionality.

Parking sensors and reversing cameras

To reduce parking stress, we offer parking sensors and rearview cameras. Our parking sensors give you a timely warning via a beep or LED display to prevent vision damage.

A rearview camera is even more convenient, and can be displayed on the existing screen or on an additional screen that we can install for you. This is also the perfect solution for vehicles with a tow bar.

We have several cameras available in demo!

Navigation systems

Our navigation systems help you reach your destination quickly and safely. Regardless of whether you want a built-in navigation system or prefer a portable device, at ACS we have the solution for you.

We offer a wide range of GPS devices from leading brands such as TomTom and Garmin, known for their accurate navigation and reliability. These devices come with lifetime map updates and features such as voice-activated navigation, live traffic information and advanced lane guidance.

Coyote Systems: radar detectors and more

Coyote Systems has established itself as a well-known and respected Belgian brand throughout Europe, with over 1 million satisfied users in Belgium. Although Coyote is best known for its high-quality radar detectors, the brand offers so much more.

Coyote proactively keeps you informed of traffic jams, accidents and potentially dangerous situations on the road. With Coyote, you always get the right information at the right time. Trust our expertise at ACS to help you find the best Coyote solutions.

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